A switch is a device which connects computer network device together. Cisco switches are among the best networking device. It is a device that provides communication among the devices. At a time multiple devices can be connected with the switch. It manages the data flow among the connected devices. The devices which are connected with the switch are identified with their network IP address. Switches have multiple plug ports where the devices are connected. Among all the plug ports there is a single port where the data packets are received, after receiving the packets switch transfers those packets among the multiple receiver plug ports. So for data receiving purposes, there is a single port while for distributing the data among the networked connected computer devices there are multiple ports. It is used in networking devices as a network point edge. It behaves like a bridge for data transmission. It is used in LAN and WAN connection modes. These switches are easily programmable and reliable.

It works according to the OSI (Open Source Interconnections) Model. OSI model is a network framework. It consists of 5-7 layers. A physical layer at the bottom side while the Application layer at the top. Data packets travel through these layers. Every layer has its own functionality and work. These layers were designed in order to provide fast and safe network operations among the devices. Routers are connected at layer 3. Depending upon the work other devices are connected with the switches. Some are connected at layer 3 while some are connected at layer 2, for example, Ethernet, token ring, and router. Hence excellent performing switch can improve the overall connectivity. Reliable and smooth connections into multiple devices are possible with the help of switches. So setting up an enterprise edition of network connection switches plays an important role. Through switches, we can design overall enterprise network edition connectivity. Setting up a multiple ports switch is a better option.
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