Medium Rooms

The huddle room is quickly becoming an integral part of doing business and keeping people informed and motivated.

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solutions are available for the Medium Room

 Meeting rooms come in many shapes and sizes. As you get into mid-size meeting spaces that are larger than your classic huddle space, it’s important to deploy a solution that has high-quality video and audio capabilities to make sure all in-room attendees are seen and heard clearly. With Zoom and Logitech Solutions for Zoom Rooms, it’s easy to deploy the perfect solution for your mid-size meeting space. Logitech’s medium and large room bundles include the Logitech Rally camera with pan/tilt/zoom capabilities and a modular mic setup so you can provide a flawless video meeting exper

Huddle/small systems

In addition to Video Conferencing endpoints designed for smaller meeting rooms, collaborative and AV technologies are also available that are more suited to the small huddle space. There is no need to equip these rooms with 85″ displays and interactive whiteboards, wireless data sharing capabilities for more people than the room can hold, and technology that just won’t be required in a room of this size.

Space Utilization

Does your office have small rooms that aren’t being used for anything in particular? If the answer is ‘yes’, you should consider creating a huddle room. One of the biggest benefits of huddle rooms is that they utilize space that is normally forgotten. Even if you do use the small space, you may not be reaping its fullest potential. If you aren’t utilizing all the space your workplace offers, it’s time to give your underutilized space a full revamp and create a huddle space.

Team Communication

Huddle rooms facilitate collaboration and communication amongst team members, while making the experience feel more intimate. Conference rooms are great for video conferencing with large groups, but can make remote workers feel forgotten and left out. Huddle rooms solve that problem with quick and easy face-to-face connection that helps to give everyone a life-size presence.