Rent, Lease Cisco Routers, Switches and Networking Products in India

Rent, Lease Cisco Routers, Switches and Networking Products in India

E Buy Solutions is one of the preferred vendors for IT Rentals for some of the major Clients and Voice/Data Call Centres. Our strength primarily lies in the range of products (link to products), services and support solutions that we provide that are tailor-made to suit both your requirements as well as your budget.

Wide Range of products with Flexible terms

From Desktops to Laptops, Workstations to Tablets, Servers to Storage, Routers to Switches, E Buy Solutions has a wide range of products to serve specific needs. Furthermore, we can offer bulk quantity of afore-mentioned products for a period that best suit your requirement.


Starting from your enquiry, quotation, negotiation (if any), deal-closure, installation and maintenance, E Buy Solutions offers consistent and dependable personalized support throughout the duration of the contract.

Nationwide Delivery

We can deliver computers and other technology equipment to you anywhere in India. Our associates in location nearest to you ensure complete technical support during our contract.

Express Delivery

We understand that your requirements are sometimes urgent. If you require an express delivery, please talk to us and we will arrange the best delivery service to suit your needs and time frame.
If you are considering renting equipment for any upcoming project or regular operations, please feel free to reach us on


Call us if any of the below scenarios apply to you :

  • Got a new Project & need hardware for temporary period?
  • Unsure of a certain market potential and still want to explore?
  • Worried about technology obsolescence and want to insulate yourself?
  • Running tight on your cash flow or have already overspent your IT budget?
  • Servers are down & you want to restore your valuable data?
  • Need super processing power for a short term?
  • Looking for a temporary application/software test laboratory?
  • Want to test software applications on single or various platforms?
  • Need to expand your storage unit?
  • Need to migrate your important data and need extra hardware for short term?
  • You have events, seminars, trade fairs, movie sets and need equipment for specific period?
  • Have taken up an outsourcing project that is time bound?
  • Suffered from calamity? Earthquake, fire etc. & can’t run your business effectively?
  • Need to setup a cost effective disaster recovery site?
  • Don’t trust assembled hardware to form your IT backbone, looking for branded products?
  • Your hardware supplier is unreliable or cannot supply you on target date?
  • Want to start your new office and require your equipment the SAME DAY?

Minimum Equipment Inventory/Disposal Costs

Equipment ownership can be very expensive, especially when the equipment is idle, as owned equipment often is. By combining ownership of basic equipment with rental equipment as needed, idle time and cost is minimized.

Right Equipment for the Job

Ownership of equipment can add two hidden, but very real costs to your job.

  1. Inefficiency due to the use of the wrong size or type of equipment, and
  2. additional hidden costs of maintenance and repair incurred by using your own equipment. Rental equipment ensures the right equipment for the job.


Warehousing sites are seldom needed for rental equipment. We do the storage for you.


Virtually all equipment is subject to breakdown. However, when rented equipment breaks down, it can be quickly replaced by our rental company, at no cost to you. Time losses or breakdown of owned equipment are eliminated along with the cost of repairs.


Equipment rented includes full maintenance. You need no repair shop, no spare parts inventory, no mechanics, no added maintenance payroll or maintenance record keeping.

Equipment Obsolescence

Manufacturers are constantly trying to capture a bigger share of the construction market by designing new, better, and faster equipment. Ownership involves the risk of rising wage costs and slower job completion time due to owning equipment that has become slow and inefficient compared to new models. Renting allows you to have an updated inventory of the latest equipment.

Cost Control

Better cost control is possible with rented equipment. Knowing the true costs of equipment owned is difficult. Rented equipment offers you just one accountable cost figure…the cost shown on the rental invoice.

Inventory Control

Business owners will find you have less inventory loss due to pilferage when you rent equipment rather than purchase it. Although at first glance this may seem strange, there is a very logical reason for it. The presence of continuous billing on rented items tends to establish accountability for them. It is difficult to establish accountability with a large amount of miscellaneous equipment that is owned. On the other hand, equipment rented from us, and must be returned at some time, somehow seems to be watched with sharper eyes…and we even call you if the item hasn’t been returned by the time you state. A piece that you own could be missing for months without being noticed.

Tax Savings

Renting is a direct expense which is important at tax time. Purchased equipment must be depreciated over a period of time.

Conservation of Capital

  • Renting equipment, rather than owning, frees capital for other, potentially more profitable uses.
  • Increase in Borrowing Capacity
  • The renter generally finds borrowing easier because he has a better ratio of assets to liabilities since the equipment does not appear as a liability on the balance sheet.

Increase in Borrowing Capacity

The renter generally finds borrowing easier because he has a better ratio of assets to liabilities since the equipment does not appear as a liability on the balance sheet.